Journey of Faith

The Faith of Israel as they enter the promised land.

Take a glimpse at the last chapter of Deuteronomy. That final scene shows Moses gazing down at the land long promised, the land he will never enter.

    Joshua 1:1 picks up the drama of God's people and their move to the Promised Land.  The people of Israel were moving to possess the land promised in the Book of Exodus. The people of God, however soon found out that the land could be possessed only when they walked in obedience to God's direction and when they depended on His strength, not their own. It was a lesson they would see again and again.

   Just as Israel moved from the bondage of Egypt, the believer moves from slavery to sin through faith in Christ. God faithfully provided for the Israelite's and worked on their behalf, just as He does for us in our lives. Let's walk through this book to find encouragement for a Journey of Faith. ~Mike

How To Get from Here to There, Joshua 1
Overcoming Obstacles, Joshua 6
You Failed, Now What? Joshua 7
Bouncing Back, Joshua 8
Be Careful Out There, Joshua 9
Keep On Keeping On, Joshua 10
The Long Haul, Joshua 24