My God, My God… Why HAVEN’T You forsaken me?

Aren’t you thankful for God’s grace, mercy and patience? I know I am! This series of messages will deal with the thought provoking question. “My God, My God, why haven’t you forsaken me?” God’s message of hope for us, is that while we often forsake him with sin, He will never leave or forsake us. I hope you will join us each week in January as we explore this thought provoking question.

A Christian Is God’s Obedient Child ~ February 4, 2018
God, Our Enduring Hope ~ January 28, 2018

We Sin ~ January 21, 2018

Falling in Love Again ~ January 14, 2018

Radical Mercy ~ January 7, 2018

The Shema

The Shema is one of only two prayers that are specifically commanded in Torah (the other is Birkat Ha-Mazon — grace after meals). It is the oldest fixed daily prayer in Judaism, recited morning and night since ancient times. It consists of three biblical passages, two of which specifically say to speak of these things “when you lie down and when you rise up.” This commandment is fulfilled by including the Shema in the liturgy for Ma’ariv (evening services) and Shacharit (morning services). Traditional prayerbooks also include a Bedtime Shema, a series of passages including the Shema to be read at home before going to bed at night.

The Shema ~ December 31, 2017

By Faith

In Hebrews 11 we read; “And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him.”  In this series of messages, we will study the heroes of faith to discover the great lessons lived out in their lives.   As we press on, these lessons will be a great stepping stone, in our personal faith journey.

Moses Refused the Ways of Egypt ~ December 3, 2017
Abraham’s Faith ~ November 26, 2017

Abraham Dedicated Issac to God ~ November 19, 2017

By Faith, Never Give Up ~ November 12, 2017

Living Sacrifice ~ November 5, 2017

Noah in Holy Fear ~ October 29, 2017

By Faith, God is Pleased ~ October 22, 2017

The Heart of Faith ~ October 15, 2017

By Faith, We Hope ~ October 8, 2017

Student Ministry Takeover

Do you ever feel like you’re missing the wonder and excitement you once had when it comes to following Jesus?

The Students of Cornerstone hope to remind you as they take over today’s service! This is an opportunity for the younger generation to use and refine their gifts and talents of creativity, leadership, communication, music, technology, hospitality and more.

It is also an opportunity for the congregation to step outside of the norm and see a new perspective for the Sunday morning gathering. Things are going to look a little different today, so get ready! You don’t want to miss this!

Updated! Watch the service here!